Investment in Central Europe

SNH Consulting caters for companies willing to invest, develop their activity or open a branch
in Central and Eastern Europe. SNH Consulting specializes in real estate and finance.

SNH Consulting

Based in Prague, in the heart of Central Europe, SNH Consulting can act as a local platform for small and medium-size enterprises who will benefit from our dedicated team of consultants.
SNH Consulting can also provide tailor-made solutions for specific needs of larger companies.

Our projects

  • Due diligence, data room management and investor relations on one of the year’s largest residential transactions in Poland in 2014
  • Asset management of a luxury hotel property in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2014
  • Asset management for high net worth individuals, in Czech Republic, in 2015

Amongst our services

  • Investment advisory
  • Due diligence, data room management
  • Financing
  • Brokerage
  • Research

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Nicolas Horky, Partner
Stefan Horky, Partner

SNH Consulting

Real estate

For any of your real estate projects, SNH Consulting can assist you in:

  • Market studies / benchmark on city, country, region
  • Deal sourcing, seeking counterparts
  • Valuation advisory, cash flow modelling
  • Deal structuring
  • Financial analysis, reporting 
  • Preparation of an information memorandum, teaser
  • Looking for and selecting partners, investors, developers
  • Contact with local authorities so as to obtain permits
  • Due diligence process, data room management

Financial engineering

For any investment in Central Europe, SNH Consulting will advise you on the financing structure adapted to your project. SNH can also assist you in your relations with local banks, from the first contact to the finalization of the financing.

Our knowledge of the financial market enables us to find the best solution for your project according to market conditions.